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Neville hopes $2150 celine black laser floral cutout hem strapless silk taffeta dress 36 nwt he will be third time lucky

As he did before every home game, Phil Neville stood shoulder to shoulder with Brian Labone at Goodison Park last Saturday. One week on it is a memory which makes Neville shudder. At the age of 66 Labone died on Monday and it was only when Neville saw the tributes that he realised the elevated status and class of a man who came across as “just a normal worker at Everton”. Neville is now fully aware that Labone was nothing of the sort and said: “I feel gutted. To be honest I’m disgusted with myself.

“My dad told me $1450 new celine us 8 what a player Brian Labone was but I never looked into his history. I’d heard of him, knew he was an Everton great, but I didn’t know he’d played in the 1970 World Cup. I used to see him every home game. He brought the sponsors into the dressing room just when I was getting my clothes off – it was a standing joke. He was a gentleman. You would never know he was a superstar in his own day.

“Now that he’s passed away, that is the thing I most admire about him. He $2150 celine black laser floral cutout hem strapless silk taffeta dress 36 nwt never put it in your face that he played in the World Cup. You wouldn’t even know from speaking to him that he was a footballer. It was probably two games before I knew he was Brian Labone. It was not until he died and I turned on the TV that I saw he played in the World Cup in 1970. He knocked Jack Charlton out of the team.

“I thought to myself, last Saturday I was stood next to him, talking to him and I didn’t realise that he was a World Cup player. But that’s the type of club this is: no one stands out from the rest, everyone’s equal. That’s why it’s so special. I thought after Manchester United that football would become a $1350 meteora celine ankle boots shoes black leather runway us 38 us 8 job to me, but it’s still my life. That’s how happy I am here.”

It was some declaration of contentment. Neville even said he “feels like an Evertonian now” but his personal happiness would be enhanced if he were able to add Labone’s “World Cup player” to his own CV. The younger Neville brother may have won six Premiership titles, three FA Cups, a European Cup and 52 caps but, although he made his England debut 10 years ago next month and was in the Euro 96 and Euro 2000 squads, he failed to make it to France 98 or Japan/South Korea four years later. At 29 he believes Germany represents his last chance to match Labone. He is not counting on it, though; being omitted from the last two World Cups does that to you.

But although there is no guarantee Neville will be in Sven-Goran Eriksson’s provisional 27-man squad for Germany when it is announced on Monday week, let alone the final 23, he said: “I don’t feel anxious, I feel excited. I know it’s going to be tight for me to get in. I wasn’t named in the last squad but I hope I’m still in Sven’s thoughts. I just want to be in that 23. I think you find out by text message or on Teletext. I’ve not booked summer holidays. I’ll wait until May 8.”

Considering the disappointments Neville has endured, his optimism is admirable. Famously left out by Glenn $4200 celine nwt new 2017 medium clasp frame handbag black sleek calfskin bag Hoddle the same day as Paul Gascoigne in La Manga, pre-France 98, he told the less known story of four years later.

“2002? No one talks $950 new celine us 9 about it. The squad was being announced at 10am and I was going to Leeds for a scan on my hip just to make sure everything was OK. The doc from Man United picked me up from Birch services just outside Bury and by 10.15 I’d got no call. I thought I must be in because Sven would ring to say you weren’t – normally that’s what happens. About 10.45 I got a call [adopts Swedish accent]: ‘Allo, Philip, this is not going to be a nice call.’

“You don’t want to hear anything else. I put the phone down, went home, went on my holidays. Looking back now, I wish I’d handled France 98 better. For a long while I was a little bitter $3600 new authentic celine mini luggage taupe drummed leather tote bag handbag towards Glenn Hoddle. But he was no different to Sven.”

La Manga, Birch services, it is all part of the versatility Neville offers. Laughing, he recalled how in Kevin Keegan’s first match as England manager, against Poland celine replica trapeze bag, he played on the left wing – “I was once the answer there” – but it must be dispiriting for him to hear he is considered behind Luke Young as cover for Gary Neville. Since joining last August Phil has played right-back for Everton this season, and left-back and midfield and centre-half. The application has been the same. “I always give my all, always have.”

He did that for some 15 years at Old Trafford and was understandably nervous on joining Everton. “My first day here was probably one 0 celine bag & box man of the most emotional ever. I was drained, I went to bed at six o’clock. People still talk to me about United all the time but I’ve never looked back. I’ve been back there three times to watch them and to be honest I haven’t had the inclination to go back more. I always thought when I left United that as a fan I’d go back all the time, but I’m an Everton player now and I’d feel as if I was letting Everton fans down if I was seen back at Man $950 new celine us 10 eu 40 pony hair 2 United all the time. I want to make sure they don’t think that.

“I feel like an Evertonian now. They are a special kind of people. When you look from the outside, you hear former managers and players talking about a special kind of fan and you just think, oh, all fans are the same. But these are different: working-class, Everton is their lives. They don’t demand Ronaldinho-skill but, as they put it, if you put in your shift you’ll do, win, lose or draw. That impresses me.”

There have been moments when it has not been easy, however. The two derbies, for example, have featured a red card and an own-goal. “The derby game at Everton, 28th December, was one of the biggest disappointments of my career, getting sent off. I let the manager, supporters and the team down. It took me three weeks to recover.

“Then an own-goal at Anfield, which given the relationship between my family and the supporters there, of all the places . . . But I didn’t take that as personally as the sending-off. I hadn’t been sent off in my career before joining Everton, but now I’ve been sent off twice. My disciplinary record this season has been shocking, but then there have been times when if I was in the same situation with Man United I wouldn’t have been booked. I was sent off at Fulham; if I was a Man United player I wouldn’t have even got a yellow card.”

Today Neville goes with Everton to Middlesbrough and reacquaints himself with another United and England figure, Steve McClaren. The Boro manager does not often prompt praise but Neville had this to say: “At the time he arrived [at United] we were always just losing out in the semi-, quarter-finals in the Champions League. Then Steve came and all of a sudden, probably with the help of video analysis and more in-depth preparation on the opposition, we won the Champions League that year. I’m not saying Steve was the reason we $3850 nwt celine phoebe philo runway white silk pants green stripe fr 36 us 2 4 won the Champions League – we had a great team – but his fresh ideas were well received.

“We then won the league the next two years he was there, I think by 18 points and 12 points. There is no thing that stands out that made you think he’s a tactical genius but it was the detail of his preparation for those big games, Inter in the quarters, Juventus in the semi. Some people think you’re Man United, you just do a five-a-side the day before; Steve brought attention to detail. That kind of analysis made us better players and a better team.”

Whether it makes Phil Neville a World Cup player remains to be seen. But it sounds as though he has the blue blood of Brian Labone in his veins pumping him on.